Keeping Love Alive After Kids Arrive

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 No one really talks about the impact children have on our marriages so it's virtually impossible to plan and prepare for the stressors and changes of this season in our lives.


This program is full of the hard truths about what kids do to our marriages. 

67% of marriages become distressed during baby's first three years of life- making it susceptible to affairs and divorce. 


was created to teach you everything you need to strengthen your relationship and prepare you for this major transition and season of your lives.

What's Included

5 videos

1 1/2 Hours Of Content

Worksheets To Get You Thinking & Applying The Information To Your Life

Real Relationship & Communication Tools To Keep You Connected



You Will Learn

By the end of this program you will be able to:

List the different experiences men and women have in this transition

Identify your relationship strengths and weaknesses

State your worries, needs, thoughts & expectations clearly to each other

Prioritize your life to avoid overwhelm

Keep your sex life a priority!

ENJOY becoming parents and LOVE your children without arguing and feeling resentful towards each other





 This isn't only about you anymore!

Your kids are stakeholders in this marriage. You owe it to them, to do EVERYTHING you can to keep your love alive and your marriage strong!

One private hour with Hilary is $250-$350. This entire program is just $97!

Invest In Your Relationship!

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